Clean Cars Improve Self Confidence!

People do little things to improve self confidence with their today all the time.  They get a hair cut and buy a new outfit before going out on a date.  Sadly these things have been temporarily taken from many of us.  So what now?

We clean the house, now more than ever.  We Amazon window shop, watch the news…obsessively, and do whatever we can to fill our time.  Yet despite being the second largest investment most people make in their lifetime, something commonly overlooked as a confidence booster and great time filler,  is cleaning your vehicle.

It makes me feel great stepping out there and prepping others vehicles, and my own.  It reminds me that when things do get back to normal,  we are going out looking our best.  So today let’s go over some of the key points of vehicle detailing to bring out the best in me, and hopefully help you see the best and you and your ride.