Primary Services Involved In Auto Detailing

The car detailing services are primary and popular elements in the automobile industry. Over the years, the number of clients relying on the services has increased. The auto detailing services are often offered in high-end car washes. However, there is a difference in quality between these services and those offered by the roadside. Auto detailing services strive to yield a quality and cleanliness polish. Professional tools are used to clean in detail both in and outside. Here are some of the services that you should expect when you pay for auto detailing:

Interior Detailing

It involves the cleaning of the interior components such as the leather seats, carpets, dashboard and the passenger area. This process is critical and right products are required for the procedure. For example, a steam cleaner or a shampoo is used to clean the seats and carpets. The leather areas should also be well-cleaned and conditioned to increase longevity. The process is not only limited for the seating area, it can be extended to the trunk.

Headlights, Taillights And Trim

The auto detailing aspect of headlights and taillights vary among dealers. You need to confirm with your service provider if they include these aspects in the package. Headlights and taillights should be cleaned and polished well. Once it is done, a plastic sealant is used to protect it. In addition, the trims should be polished and a protectant used to avoid cracking and fading. The chrome trim is to be cleaned while the plastic and vinyl trims should be polished and a protectant used. Polishing of exhaust tips may also be included in the package.

Wheels And Chassis

The cleaning of the chassis should be included during the exterior auto detailing. The service provider should not only clean under the car but on the inside the wheel wells. It is also extended to the suspension elements such as control arms and anti-roll bars. A plastic protectant is used on the inner fender lines and plastic splash guards as a dressing. The wheels should also be washed thoroughly before applying the protectant which protects them from corrosion and cracking. It also improves the wheels lustre.

Engine Bay

It is an essential part of the detailing services that is not often included in the package by the service providers. The engine bay should be lightly misted with water, followed by cleaning using a suitable degreaser. It is then rinsed clean and properly dried. Ensure that the plastic, rubber and silicone components are well dressed to prevent cracking.

Paint Protection

The paint plays a significant role during any car detailing process. It is easy to identify the quality of auto detailing services based on the painting condition of the car. Excellent car detailers will pay attention to the paint protection because it determines the overall appearance of the car. It is delicate to wash and handle the paint. A small mistake during cleaning could result to a bad exterior appearance.

The car is washed and dried well to remove dirt and grime. Clay bar application follows to remove any contaminants in the clear coat such as metal particles. The paint is then polished if need be to get rid of fine scratches and swirl marks. Wax is used as a sealant to protect the paint and add to the shine.