Window Tinting

Window tinting definitely makes your car, truck or SUV look great from the outside, but there are other advantages of having your windows tinted; here are just a few:


  1. Your vehicle will stay cooler during the summer because the window tinting will reduce the amount of heat that enters your vehicle.
  2. It gives you more security and privacy.
  3. It will reduce the fading of your car’s interior because UV protection increases with tinted windows.
  4. Blocks 99% of UV rays so you have added sun protection on every drive
  5. Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation for skin safety
  6. Protects your interior against fading, discoloration, cracking, and peeling
  7. Controls costs at the pump by controlling temperatures in your car
  8. Reduces irritating glare from the sun that can make driving dangerous
  9. Offers a scratch-resistant coating for improved durability and appearance
  10. Enhances your privacy when you’re on the road and your belongings when you’re not
  11. Custom cut and fit to your vehicle’s exact specifications
  12. Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty so your car looks great for years to come